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Program manual

User's manual


  • Nowa – restarts evolution process. Warning! All data from previous evolution will be lost.
  • Dodaj nową frazę – enables adding a new phrase saved in MusicGen format.
  • Zapisz frazę – enables saving a phrase in MusicGen format.
  • Zapisz frazę jako midi – - enables saving a phrase as midi.
  • Ustawienia procesu ewolucji – - calls evolution process parameters window.
  • Applet Info – - shows which settings in .java.policy file are required to use all program possibilities.

Main window objects

  • Filed "liczba pokoleń" and "start" button – clicking the button starts evolution process executed by number of generations equal to field value.
  • "Lista fraz" – all described below buttons from this window operate on a phrase chosen from the list.

Phrase description on individuals list:
[Ranking] w:Wiek M=_evalMelo->evalMelo V=_evalVelo->evalVelo I=_evalInter->evalInter R=_evalRthm->evalRthm [l_Nut:l_Taktów*Metrum@Tempo] Komentarz

  • "Zagraj" i "Stop" buttons – enable to start and stop playback of chosen phrase.
  • Field and "Button Ustaw czas ochronny (liczbę pokoleń) na" – enables to set period of time in which phrase regardless of its quality won't be removed from population.
  • "Ustaw ocenę", "Ustaw ocenę zgodną z rankingiem" and "Ocena" slidebar – Slide-bar "Ocena" ("Estimation") shows estimation of actual phrase. This estimation may be modified by user due to his/hers preferences, by changing bar's position and pressing button "Ustaw ocenę" ("Set estimation"). Also return to estimation determined by program is possible by clicking "Ustaw ocenę zgodną z rankingiem" ("Set estimation accord with ranking") button..

Objects in evolution parameters window

To exactly understand influence of settings that this window provides, to musical phrases evolution process it's is a must to read the part treating about musical phrases evolution.

  • Field "Prawdopodobieństwo mutacji" ("Mutation probability") – sets mutation probability for each population gene.
  • Field "Prawdopodobieństwo krzyżowania" ("Crossing probability") – sets crossing probability of musical phrases.
  • Field "Wielkość populacji" ("Population size") – sets musical phrases population size.
  • Field "Maksymalna liczba nut we frazie" ("Maximum notes number in phrase") – sets phrase notes number- it should not be large (greater than 30).
  • "krzyżowanie muzyczne", "krzyżowanie zwykłe" buttons – set way of musical phrases crossing.